What can you expect from treatment?
 Your first visit requires about 1-2 hours, during which you have the opportunity to speak at length about your health concerns. This initial visit, designed to enable your practi­tioner to as­sess the un­derlying condi­tions leading to your current situation, includes an inter­view (which covers both your health and per­sonal histo­ries) and a physical examination. The session is con­ducted in complete confidentiality by your practi­tioner, who will then ad­vise you of the anticipated fre­quency of treatments.  
 Subsequent treatment sessions generally last about 1 hour. Initially, you will be seen weekly in order to create an internal harmony which can be maintained be­tween treatments. As this harmony is achieved, usu­ally after 4-6 weeks, treatments are ex­tended to every other week, every three weeks, monthly and eventu­ally season­ally. Of course, fre­quency of the treatments varies with each individual. Treatment fees are consis­tent with other medical care.

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