Traditional acupuncture, proven effective over thousands of years, is directed toward good health, vitality, bal­ance, longevity, and alleviation of stress. Even though Chi­nese medicine and Western medicine are different, they com­plement each other. Acupuncture is an ancient approach ad­dressing modern concerns, effective in a wide range of complaints.
• If you have any chronic symptoms or illnesses, whether physical, mental or emotional in nature
• If your daily activities place great demands on your vitality and well-being
• If you can imagine being healthier, more balanced, more vital than you are now
• If you are committed to improving the quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions:

My wife and I had been battling infertility for more than a decade. We tried all the fertility procedures with no success and wanted to try a different route. I first heard about Polly Christy through a friend/yoga teacher. To say I was a skeptic of acupuncture is to put it mildly but nevertheless I made the call to her. My first remembrance of Polly was having my typical introductory hand shake turned down and instead given a warm and inviting hug. It was the type of hug you get from an old friend or respected family member and at that moment, I became very anxious. I was anxious because I knew I would have to let my walls crumble around this little woman with such a grand aura. With regular acupuncture sessions I noticed my energy level increased, I was much happier and more importantly I was able to better connect with people because overall I was more relaxed and at ease. I would always say “going to acupuncture is like a vacation from myself”. With the help of polly, along with acupuncture,I have had many lifestyle changes. The most important lifestyle change that polly had a direct influence on is that my wife and I now celebrate a healthy 5 month old boy.
— Kelly Perkins, M.D.
I first went to see Polly to boost my immune system as I was chronically tired and frequently ill. With treatments my immunity improved but so did my self-awareness, which I had not anticipated. Through Polly’s careful questioning, many of my physical and mental patterns were revealed. I could finally see where my energy blockages were and focus on unblocking them. As a result, I found myself being more decisive, clear headed and focused, more than I’ve ever been. Polly has enriched my life infinitely so. I HIGHLY recommend her acupuncture therapy for whatever ailment you want to work on!
— Jennifer Waldron